** NEW ** – 24 Diode Jigga Watt V2 Grow Light KIT

$1,200.00 $999.99



Type: Gamma Blaster Grow Light

Model:  24 Diode Jigga Watt


The long awaited V2 Chassis  dubbed after the German Vengeance V2 rocket system  … why ?? Because it’s a light that’s ahead of the competition  !


WATCH THIS VIDEO ON YOUTUBE TO LEARN HOW TO BUILD THIS LIGHT STEP BY STEP !!!!  The video starts at 8:52 seconds, so you get 8 minutes to gather your tools. So no rush, sit back, relax, and watch this video of how to build this grow light.

The long awaited V2 Chassis is here

FROM Cody, the creator !  ” Hey there, first off let me share with you the spread sheet of all the parts that’s going into this grow light;  Most companies will never share with you what it cost them out of pocket to make and manufacture their systems. I do !  CLICK HERE-> ~$V2 COST CUT SHEET  .   Feel free to contact us if should you have any doubts in that spread sheet. We stay honest and sharp so you know your getting FAR MORE than your paying for compared to competitors products.I assure you, no one out there is offering such a powerful grow light kit, using our near indestructible diodes , high par, features,  AND shares with you what it cost the business. Currently, the V2 chassis runs us at about 550$ in parts alone. We priced this kit at 999$ because no other kits we found comparing to the power of our design existed, and those that do are a 1000$ and do not compare at all to what you get buying this kit. , and what it costs us to manufacture these.  We are a business so obviously we add a price on top in order to progress this products future .  In a CHINA dominated market … were one of a handful of USA grow light designers who compete, and offer the lowest prices we possibly can.  I am seeking an investor, which will open doors to bulk purchases , greater manufacturing volume, and allow us to reduce pricing to make my design more reachable to everyone. That is my goal to American Horticulturist and Medical Growers ! Please, talk about us, share our products, and help us to grow every voice sends a thousand words. It’s bad enough our competitors feared us to the point there’s hundreds of fake false complaints all over the internet, where they THOUGHT they would silence our movement, silence our exposure to growers.



Notes: We use some green for your eyes, but unlike other light systems we remove green and put the watts of power in chlorophyll absorbant wavelengths instead


WATTS:  1200 True Watts ( USA ratings )

Note: ( Own a light that’s made in china ?? If we used Chinese ratings this would be a 7000 Watt LED )


8ft x 8ft

Best suited for 5×5 grow tent owners

If used in a 4×4 grow tent you might have to dim the light; use your human senses and horticultar experience. ( THIS IS NOT A GROW LIGHT FOR NOVICE GROWERS ) !!


5 year warranty – We warranty the chassis, the fans,  dimmers, and all internal components for  5 years

NukeHeads Driverless DIODE WARRANTY  is 10,000 hours ->  These diodes are 20,000 hour life span, weve never had them fail or go out with lights approaching 2yrs of operation. ( WE UNDER RATE EVERYTHING, So you get the best expectations )

WANT A 10 YEAR WARRANTY SYSTEM ?? –   We also have this V2 chassis and a 600W samsung 301h board system where we warranty the chassis, the diode boards, and all components for 10 years.  As you can see our warranty is based mostly on the diodes life. We expect these fans to last years and years, and the chassis and all components will last 10+ years. If you want the 10yr warranty system, it will have different lighting technologies . ** COMING SOON TO THIS WEBSITE ** !!


Additional information

Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 6 in


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