GAMMA RAY – Gamma Blaster Light – Covers a 3ft x 3ft grow tent


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GAMMA RAY  This grow light will do a 3ft x 3ft grow tent full of plants and will grow giant phenomenal sized yields ! 

GAMMA GROW LIGHTS were designed by a Master Grower and Expert Horticulturist applying Agricultural and Spectral Sciences to create the Ultimate Grow Lights!

We are proud to present our NEW line of Grow Lights! Our “Gamma Blaster”Collection!

  • Gamma Grow Lights come equipped with All New Technology and are designed to target the needs of beginners to experts.
  • Equipped with a Proprietary FULL SPECTRUM Range 380nm to 780nm and key boosts in blooming spectrumsour lights produce large copious garden yields!
  • Gamma Blaster Lights are Perfectly Designed for Tiered Vegetable Grow Environments & Vertical Farming applications to dramatically increase garden yields with our unique modular designs!
  • Custom Hand Built by Gamma Grow Lights in Colorado USA, the company to produce the first voice dimmable and activated grow light that is Amazon Alexa voice compatible!
  • High gloss high heat capable wiring capable of handling over 200°C temperatures; our paint can handle upwards to 500°C and we run 16 gauge thermal silicon wiring with outstanding performance.
  • All Gamma Grow Light purchases are automatically eligible for our “Trade-In Program” to Protect Your Investment should you choose to upgrade your Gamma Grow Light. For example, if you purchased a $300 Gamma Grow Light and want to trade up for one of our New larger models, we will credit you $300 towards your NEW Purchase of one of our Gamma Grow Lights !
  • GAMMA GROW LIGHTS are 110V and 240VAC compatible.
  • All Gamma Grow Lights are 100% Handmade in Colorado USAby Americans!
  • Warranteed & Supported by Gamma Grow Lights.  For builds without heat sinks we warranty the Giga Watt for 6 months of operation. However we expect it to last nearly all of the 20,000 hours of the diodes life which is well over 2 years. For Heat Sink models we give a full 1 year warranty.    click here to shop


  • Voice Activated, Voice Dimmable timing controls and Amazon Alexa voice compatible! Currently the Alexa Voice Activated dimming feature is only available for our smaller model of grow lights.
  • Control your lights from anywhere remotely with an App on your phone!
  • Water Proofing, which is waterproof up to 2-ft deep.

** We build our lights to exceed expectations, while making honest worst case scenarios within our warranty program. If something happens to your light just call us; we want you to succeed with our product. You spend your money on something with the hope that you made a great decision and that it’s going to work out as planned; and when you buy from us we make sure you hope is a reality and the best decision you could make in purchasing a custom hand built grow light.    Contact Us Click Here

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 2.50 in

Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Unpainted

Diode Cap Colors

Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Silver