Full Spectrum Diodes Kit


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Be sure to watch our video on how to build our grow lights. Unlike competitors; our lights are not only the strongest highest PAR output lights in this industry. They are 90% metal , most all parts are fire-proof/resistant, the lights are easy to make water proof for short duration.  Our lights spectrum is designed for the biggest yields possible ! You have FULL CONTROL over your lights when you buy from us because we show you how to build our lights giving you the fullest confidence that your light will always be in operation doing what you need it to do.

WATCH HOW TO BUILD OUR GROW LIGHTS HERE:  **Coming Soon This week today is 6/11/2019**

  • We advise on a 24 Diode Jigga Watt to use 1/2  full spectrum diodes to warm whites. E.g 8 full Spectrum Diodes to 16 Warm Whites
  • Our wiring schema follows NEMA safety and electrical standards; so when you follow our build instructions your building something you know yourself, is safe, and follows NEMA protocols, and absolutely will pose no shock threat, or fire hazard.


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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
Full Spectrum Diodes

(4) Diodes Kit, (8) Diodes Kit


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