• No Refunds what so ever, we commit money and resources as well as manpower once you pay for your grow light, we begin machining it, and manufacturing it by hand.  It’s built to order !
  • Depending on which grow light model you buy; a FREE warranty is included. We only offer paid warranties to commercial growers wanting to add or extend service; this is NOT included with a bulk order it’s an invoice add on.
  • FOR BULK PURCHASE CUSTOMERS IF YOU HAVE A WARRANTY OPTION IT WILL BE LISTED ON YOUR INVOICE IF NO WARRANTY IS LISTED OR SHOWN ON YOUR INVOICE THEN YOU DO NOT HAVE ONE AND IF A UNIT GOES DEFECTIVE  AFTER ONE WEAK OF ARRIVAL ( We track all shipments and dates ) WE DO NOT HAVE TO HONOR THE DEFECT IF YOU DID NOT PAY FOR A WARRANTY.  However, out of good honest business practice we want happy customers, and we will go out of our policies borders to make a customer happy so you will return and do more business with us afterall that is our ultimate goal, but this page is to instantiate that you cannot expect warranty service if you didn’t pay for it.  Warranty programs are very expensive hence most products warranty costs is upwards to 20% of the products actual retail price. This simply may be too costly for a bulk purchase interest so we can reduce options to meet your costs demands. What you get from us will be listed on the invoice if you paid for such options. Warranty’s for commercial growers buying bulk which for us is 20 or more grow light units per invoice from us; the costs of our units does NOT include a warranty you will have to request warranty; This is only offered as a paid option; The reason no free warranty is included is because of the dynamics as sometimes a commercial grower wants the lowest price possible; and we can reduce the price of things to match a commercial growers requested pricing point.  We remove options such as warranties, extended warranties, or other options of price reduction such as not painting the grow lights leaving them bare metal and raw, to achieve only functionality and not concern the design with any cosmetic work or adjustments;  Using various already available parts some may be different color parts which is another price reduction option we give to bulk purchase customers. This is to accommodate the lowest price target for a commercial operations owner; though we do not include a FREE warranty; we obviously don’t want to lose future business so if you do have any issues with units we will help to the extent we can at our regard. If you paid for an add on warranty then your units get serviced according to the add on warranty. Were not CHINA, all units are built in the USA; Warranties are costly and we leave it as an option for any bulk purchase customer buying from us.  Some of our technologies have a longer warranty as listed below and this is dependent only upon what technology is being used;  If a Diode has a 100,000 hour life span that unit will have a longer warranty ( Free or paid depending on if this is a bulk commercial buyer, or individual wanting a single unit ). If you want extended warranties beyond this we can offer that at an additional cost.  This only applies to those buying 20 or more lights at a time e.g 20 units or more per invoice paid for; we do not offer extended warranties otherwise to individuals buying a single grow light or buying a count of lights under 20 units. We consider those home growers and the pricing point does include a FREE warranty as these customers are paying full price with no discounts or requested reduction of price therefor we price the units to include a warranty.
  • Were here to help you grow not hold you back; so we will do our best to assure your pleased with the operation of our product so you’ll want continued business with us!
  • After your lights warranty is over with; were not here to bank off you replacing COB’s like bulb technologies do.



Our NukeHeads branded driverless AC COB’s  Jigga watt / Gamma Rays

This technology if mounted onto our flat plate designed whether on a Jigga Watt or a Gamma Ray /e.g  NukeHeads Jigga Watt Plate design;

These diodes for a none bulk purchasing customer ( someone who didn’t order 20 or more at a time from us e.g an individual home grower ) comes with

a FREE 6 month warranty.  Should anything fail; we will send you the replacement parts; or if your not comfortable with repairing a unit yourself, we will provide you a mailing address and you can mail the unit back to us, and we will repair the unit for FREE ourselves at our availability and own schedule to repair the unit.  These units were built to take a hit by a tank; repairing them takes minutes should you possibly have a unit or COB fail. So if your new to using our lights and reading this feel assured these are high quality high durability high output grow lights and nothing is tougher in this market than our Jigga Watt plate design !


NukeHeads Jigga Watt V2 Chassis 


This unit if you paid full price and didn’t get a proto-type or beta testers discount; comes with a 1 year warranty freely included. These diodes should last nearly all 20,000 hours of their life span. Full price of this unit is considered 1500$ – 1700$

anything offered lower than this pricing range you were given an insiders private discount; a sponsorship pricing point; or we simply liked yah and hooked you up !! 😉  We will warranty any V2 units given at a price lower than the full listed price at our own discretion.  Anyone who paid full price; gets the FREE 1 year total warranty on the unit !




** Being added here very soon **

This unit whether you purchased 1 unit  or 500 units comes with a 10 year warranty. The highest longest warranty program of any grow light manufacturer or seller !  This units technology should last you a good chunk of your lifetime !



You accept and acknowledge our design is new and constantly being improved, and whether you buy a kit from us that you build yourself, OR  you buy a grow light we built for you; you assume all risk and responsibility in your choice to buy our light knowing we are not yet ETL / UL / ROHS  certified.  We proudly state we have thousands of units sold and no reported failures beyond minor shipping damages or build mishaps easily corrected in our bulk orders, so rest assured the design is quite safe. We use it in our own homes, but again you assume all risks and responsibility by making your purchase from us for the grow lights should the grow light fail and cause subsequent damages of any magnitude or order.  If you build our kits you also completely and fully understand and agree that you are risking your own saftey if you are not a qualified engineer, or have comprehension of the technology and dangers you are exposing yourself to when building out ” Kits ”  as this involves connecting high current electricity components together, and if not done intelligently and done incorrectly can lead to electrocution, fire, damages, and possibly death. Again building our kits or buying our units pre-built you accept all saftey risks and assume all responsibility in your purchase of a unit that is not saftey tested by standardized testing facilities.  Unfortunately, we had to make all these scary legal statements in case someones sole purpose to buy our grow lights is to purposely harm themselves, or purposely exploit the build processes so that the light will fail, cause damage and loss, for the sole purpose to sue us for financial gain.  So to protect ourselves we created this page which you agree with when you purchased your grow light !

Our lights are not ROHS / ETL / UL certified    ( Which these certifications is simply a third party none federal certification business that sends an electronics graduate to inspect your design, here at NukeHeads , the owner is not only possesses a degree in electronics, but is also an active member of the Pikes Peak Makers community which is inundated with PHD’s and Doctorates in engineering , Electrical, software engineering and nearly all aspects of design and developments high degree of education levels in these  individuals are at access to NukeHeads  R&D ) .    We will pay the expensive ETL / UL  10,000$ a year certification to put their little sticker on our grow lights when we feel the design is final and perfected.  Our grow lights are my own design ( Cody Oebel ) ,  one is provisional patent protected with protections on my voice controlled compatibility system design.  So if your facility requires an  ROHS / ETL / UL certification  our lights are not yet certified by these three entities. You accept these terms when you buy our grow lights.  You assume all risk and liability by purchasing our design. Now,  we have not yet had any catastrophes as we have done tons of abuse test to our designs.

What needs improvement: 

  • Currently, we need to improve the design with all metal parts ,  right now we cannot find a mold company to create our diode cap covers and the power cord mount out of aluminum, so we use ABS, and ABS can sustain the heat level’s generated by the light, but unfortunately, they will slightly warp or become mallable, but they will not catch on fire, our light design is nearly 95% all metal and uses 90% fire proof materials. 
  • Our diodes technology is 20,000 hour life span,  but we have not been able to test the actual full life span with and without heat sinks because 20,000 hours equates to over 2 years of life span. We are still testing to identify the actual life span of each diode technology under various operation conditions. Results are still pending before we update this page. 
  • Exposure,  we are a new business with an all new design and not many people know about us and our products aside from our youtube content and sponsors, or customers using our design and sharing by word of mouth.  Please share us around and help us gain exposure, we need more sales/profits to reinvest and improve our designs taking them to a new level. We are also open to seeking an investment entity who wants to help rocket our brand and designs to where they need to be at !