• No Refunds what so ever, we commit money and resources as well as manpower once you pay for your grow light, we begin machining it, and manufacturing it by hand.  It’s built to order !
  • Depending on which grow light model you buy; a FREE warranty is included. We only offer paid warranties to commercial growers wanting to add or extend service; this is NOT included with a bulk order it’s an invoice add on.
  • Warranty’s for commercial growers buying bulk which is 20 or more grow light units from us; the costs of our units does NOT include a warranty; This is only offered as a paid option; The reason no free warranty is included is because of the dynamics as sometimes a commercial grower wants the lowest price possible; and we can reduce things to match a commercial growers pricing point to include doing things such as not painting the grow lights; Using various already available parts some may be different color parts. This is to accommodate the lowest price target for a commercial operations owner; though we do not include a FREE warranty; we obviously don’t want to lose future business so if you do have any issues with units we will help to the extent we can at our regard. If you paid for an add on warranty then your units get serviced according to the add on warranty. Were not CHINA, all units are built in the USA; Warranties are costly and we leave it as an option for any bulk purchase customer buying from us.  Some of our technologies have a longer warranty as listed below and this is dependant only upon what technology is being used;  If a Diode has a 100,000 hour life span that unit will have a longer warranty ( Free or paid depending on if this is a bulk commercial buyer, or individual wanting a single unit ). If you want extended warranties beyond this we can offer that at an additional cost.  This only applies to those buying 20 or more lights at a time; we do not offer extended warranties otherwise to individuals buying a single grow light or buying a count of lights under 20 units. We consider those home growers and the pricing point does include a FREE warranty.
  • Were here to help you grow not hold you back; so we will do our best to assure your pleased with the operation of our product so you’ll want continued business with us!
  • After your lights warranty is over with; were not here to bank off you replacing COB’s like bulb technologies do.



Our NukeHeads branded driverless AC COB’s  Jigga watt / Gamma Rays

This technology if mounted onto our flat plate designed whether on a Jigga Watt or a Gamma Ray /e.g  NukeHeads Jigga Watt Plate design;

These diodes for a none bulk purchasing customer ( someone who didn’t order 20 or more at a time from us e.g an individual home grower ) comes with

a FREE 6 month warranty.  Should anything fail; we will send you the replacement parts; or if your not comfortable with repairing a unit yourself, we will provide you a mailing address and you can mail the unit back to us, and we will repair the unit for FREE ourselves at our availability and own schedule to repair the unit.  These units were built to take a hit by a tank; repairing them takes minutes should you possibly have a unit or COB fail. So if your new to using our lights and reading this feel assured these are high quality high durability high output grow lights and nothing is tougher in this market than our Jigga Watt plate design !


NukeHeads Jigga Watt V2 Chassis 


This unit if you paid full price and didn’t get a proto-type or beta testers discount; comes with a 1 year warranty freely included. These diodes should last nearly all 20,000 hours of their life span. Full price of this unit is considered 1500$ – 1700$

anything offered lower than this pricing range you were given an insiders private discount; a sponsorship pricing point; or we simply liked yah and hooked you up !! 😉  We will warranty any V2 units given at a price lower than the full listed price at our own discretion.  Anyone who paid full price; gets the FREE 1 year total warranty on the unit !




** Being added here very soon **

This unit whether you purchased 1 unit  or 500 units comes with a 10 year warranty. The highest longest warranty program of any grow light manufacturer or seller !  This units technology should last you a good chunk of your lifetime !