About Us

GAMMA GROW LIGHTS were designed by a Master Grower and Expert Horticulturist applying Agricultural and Spectral Sciences to create the Ultimate Grow Lights!   


  • All New Technology – All Gamma Grow Lights are built with NEW Diode Technology and are designed to target the needs of beginners to experts.
  • Proprietary FULL SPECTRUM Range 380nm to 780nm and key boosts in blooming spectrums, our lights produce large copious garden yields!
  • Perfectly Designed for Tiered Vegetable Grow Environments & Vertical Farming applications to dramatically increase garden yields with our unique modular designs!
  • Custom Hand Built with American Parts and American Hands here in Colorado USA by Gamma Grow Lights, the company to produce the first voice dimmable and activated grow light that is Amazon Alexa voice compatible!
  • High gloss high heat capable wiring capable of handling over 200°C temperatures; our paint can handle upwards to 500°C and we run 16 gauge thermal silicon wiring with outstanding performance.
  • Trade-In Program – All Gamma Grow Light purchases are automatically eligible for our “Trade-In Program” to Protect Your Investment should you choose to upgrade your Gamma Grow Light. For example, if you purchased a $300 Gamma Grow Light and want to trade up for one of our New larger models, we will credit you $300 towards your NEW Purchase of one of our Gamma Grow Lights
  • 110V and 240VAC compatible.
  • 100% Handmade in Colorado USA by Americans!
  • Warranteed & Supported by Gamma Grow Lights.  For builds without heat sinks we warranty the Giga Watt for 6 months of operation. However we expect it to last nearly all of the 20,000 hours of the diodes life which is well over 2 years. For Heat Sink models we give a full 1 year warranty.    click here to shop


  • Voice Activated, Voice Dimmable timing controls and Amazon Alexa voice compatible! Currently the Alexa Voice Activated dimming feature is only available for our smaller model of grow lights.
  • Control your lights from anywhere via an App!
  • Water Proofing, which is waterproof up to 2-ft deep.

  • Themed Graphics Designs.We work with you to PERSONALIZE YOUR lights with Graphics, Your Name, Company Logo, Your Favorite Artwork, almost anything you can think of!

  ** See our Marvel Themed Custom Light build here.


 A Note from the CEO and Owner of Gamma Grow Lights…  “We build our lights to exceed expectations, while making honest worst case scenarios within our warranty program. If something happens to your light just call us; we want you to succeed with our product. You spend your money on something with the hope that you made a great decision and that it’s going to work out as planned; and when you buy from us we make sure you hope is a reality and the best decision you could make in purchasing a custom hand built grow light.”

~ CALL US @ 1-719-338-8319 ~ 

** We take calls 8am-5pm Mon-Fri Mountain Time. Closed Sat/Sun.